Jennifer Conroy


Inspired by fragility of form, organic shapes, and cell structures, Jennifer produces tactile organic work, ranging from free standing sculptures and ‘vessels’ to wall sculpture and framed art pieces.

With an interest in subtle surface decoration, and the pure white tones of porcelain and bone china, Jennifer manipulates materials to create paper thin forms with themes embodied through curves, crevices, undulations, and hollows.

Sculpting each piece by hand, Jennifer creates the work using a range of traditional techniques, including slip casting with liquid clay, and hand carving.

As each piece is hand made, no two forms are alike. The organic influence upon the work is embodied right through the creative process, where forms can undulate slightly during the firing process, creating an ultimately unique and bespoke piece of Art.

Fragility of form is a theme Jennifer strives to communicate through her work.

Despite achieving technically challenging paper thin forms, porcelain and bone china are extremely strong once fired, allowing Jennifer to explore the juxtaposition of fragile aesthetics, with strong durable pieces.

Jennifer makes all work by hand in her own studio.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, or are interested in larger pieces or wall installations, please get in touch to arrange a meeting.